Double Coin Truck Tires

Double Coin Truck TiresDouble Coin Truck Tires at Pete’s Tire Barns. Value has always meant getting the most for your money. But somewhere along the line, when it comes to buying tires some people lost sight of that simple fact. And somehow the name on the tire actually became more important than the tire itself.

Double Coin believes that in a world of shrinking margins and rising costs, value has never been more precious. That’s why we’re committed to bringing exceptional value to pros who understand that making good business choices isn’t a compromise. It’s just good business.

At Double Coin our goal is simple: deliver more tire for less money. Because for our customers and for us, rock solid value will always be where the smart money is.

Call any of our 20 locations to speak with one of our highly trained fleet service consultants. Or call us at 978-544-8811 or request more information through our convenient online form.

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