Front End Alignment and 4 wheel Alignment

Front End Alignment and 4 wheel AlignmentFront End Alignment and 4 wheel alignments at Pete’s Tire Barns. Get an Alignment for Better Handling & longer tire life.

Over 90% of all cars built today should have a 4 wheel alignment. Most front wheel drives and some rear wheel drives have rear wheel adjustments. We invite you to ask us about it at Pete’s Tire Barns today.

Bring your vehicle into a Pete’s Tire Barns location* today and get your Alignment checked out!

At Pete’s Tire Barns we utilize state-of-the-art Hunter alignment systems in our shops. Compared to previous alignment technologies, the Hunter system is a quantum leap in dependability and accuracy.  Along with Hunter’s hardware comes Hunter’s Win Align alignment software.  Win align creates a diagnostic environment that lets your Pete’s  alignment technician  “see” your alignment with greater precision and depth, including the ability to spot possible trouble in the frame itself.  Like Pete’s, Hunter engineering has striven to remain the leader in their field and we are proud to use their equipment.

wheel alignment

Passenger, Light Truck, SUV – $89.95

Dual Rear Wheel, Mini-Bus & Mini RV – $99.95

Alignments are available in following Pete’s Tire Barns Locations:
Gardner, MA
Franklin, CT
W. Chesterfield, NH
Rutland, VT
New Haven, VT

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