OTR Tire Retreading & Foam Filled Tire Retreading

OTR Tire Retreading at Pete’s Tire Barns. We are one of the few facilities that can retread your OTR, Skid Steer and foam filled tires.

OTR Tire Retreading

Initial Inspection

A visual, hands-on inspection from bead to bead, inside and out, is done to find and mark all visible defects. An electronic inspection designed to find all “through the-tire” penetrations in the crown and sidewall areas

Specialty Tire Initial Inspection


The casing is inflated to operational pressure. The process removes the worn tread surface, true’s up the roundness and prepares the surface for a new tread.

Specialty Tire Buffing

Skyving and Repair

Removing all injuries identified during Initial Inspection and replacing the material with structurally sound materials that will return the casing to a useful life.

Specialty Tire Repair

Applying Cushion

In a multi-step process, an uncured bonding layer is hand laid onto the back of the tread surface, all skives are filled, and the shoulders are stripped. The tread is now ready to be applies to the casing.

Specialty Tire Cushion Application


A highly trained and skilled retread technician hand applies a new tread so that it is straight, centered on the casing, and the end splices match.

Specialty Tire Building


An autoclave-type device that applies heat and pressure, and over time, causes the bonding layer in the built tire to cure; permanently adhering the new tread to the prepared casing.

Specialty Tire Curing

Final Inspection

The freshly cured tire is given a final inspection for quality. Then the tires sidewalls are painted to make the tire look like new. The final step is the application of a finished goods bar-code label.

Specialty Tire Final

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