Wheel and Rim Refinishing

Wheel and Rim Refinishing at Pete’s Tire Barns. We offer both rim reconditioning and powder coating services to keep your wheels both looking good and providing safe reliable transportation. Every wheel is safety inspected to ensure there are no cracks, the bead seal area is clean and true and the wheel meets thickness requirements. Zinc rich primer is available to ensure outstanding corrosion resistance. Pete’s Tire Barns maintains a dedicated wheel refinishing plant to serve our customers.

Not Available for Passenger Car Wheels

Benefits of Refinishing:

  • Decreased chance of air loss due to broken bead
  • Decreased chance of full blowout on the road
  • Longer rim life
  • Professional appearance

Steps of Having a Wheel & Rim Refinished

  • Preparation
    • Rusty and dirty wheels come into our refinishing shop.
    • The wheels must first be cleaned in our automated blasting machine that use small steel shots to blast away the rust and grime. The wheels are then hand inspected and if any rust or old paint remains, our technicians remove it by hand. The wheel is sent in for a second cleaning to ensure they are free of old debris
  • Powder Coating
    • The wheel is next brought to our powder coating booth. A negative charge is applied to the wheel and our technician sprays a positively charged paint on to the wheel.
    • The negative charge of the wheel draws the paint in and creates a smooth uniform surface
    • Standard paint colors are white, gray, black, and red but custom colors are available to meet your needs.
  • Curing
    • The wheel then travels through our curing oven to ensure a smooth surface and to protect the final finish.
  • Inspection
    • Once cured the wheel is brought to the final inspection area. Where it is allow to cool and then is hand inspected by our technicians before being placed on to pallets to be delivered back to our customers

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