BF Goodrich Tires

BF Goodrich Tires

BF Goodrich Tires at Pete’s Tire Barns. BF Goodrich builds race proven, record-setting, championship winning tires designed for enthusiasts everywhere

From the track to the streets, the only real choice for serious driving enthusiasts.
Race-proven aggressive tires designed for the street and track.
Exceptional performance and aggressive styling for everything from street-legal drag racing to high-performance all-season driving. PERFORMANCE/TOURING
Serious all-weather grip and surprising durability means more thrills for more miles. Exceptional all-weather grip without sacrificing tread life.
An American classic with a reputation built by millions of miles of exceptional all-season performance.
An American classic for high-mileage, high-traction touring tires
The perfect choice for thousands of miles of smooth, reliable, affordable all-season miles.

All weather grip, durability and value. Responsibility just got exciting.
The tire that strikes the perfect balance of inspiring performance and long-term durability.
Performance. Practicality. These tires give the best of both worlds.
Whatever you drive, these tires give your car new-found sportiness and you added confidence.

The king of rock-climbing, mud- running, snow- busting, sand-blasting and whatever you think up next.
The king of off-road tires, with more competition victories than all other tire brands combined.
An incredible combination of on-road smoothness and competition-proven, off-road toughness.

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