Uniroyal Car, SUV and Light Truck Tires

Uniroyal Car, SUV and Light Truck TiresUniroyal Car, SUV and Light Truck Tires at Pete’s Tire Barns. Americans have been driving with confidence on Uniroyal® tires since 1892, although back then we were known as the U.S. Rubber Company. Uniroyal tires are chosen by so many different people, for so many different reasons and for so many different vehicles, that we have become a trusted part of the lives of millions of Americans.

Uniroyal® Tire Tiger The Uniroyal Tire tiger has been our well-known and well-loved mascot since 1964. Over the years, the Uniroyal Tire tiger has come to symbolize the tradition, perseverance, and pride that have been a part of the Uniroyal® Tire brand long before the tiger’s first day on the job. Our Tire Innovations Today, the Uniroyal Tire brand continues to go the extra mile for you by putting all of our effort into making high quality, durable car and truck tires that today’s drivers can afford. Our tires provide all the features and benefits you consider important in a high-quality, dependable tire. Just take a look at our latest innovations — the Laredo® Cross Country, an SUV and pick-up tire built to conquer everyday adventures, and the Tiger Paw® Touring, a comprehensive line of tires for sedans and mini-vans that helps deliver outstanding wear and handling at an affordable price.

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