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I Drive a Propane delivery truck for Suburban Propane in Lebanon NH. I as skeptical when I heard one of my co-drivers brag about how good the traction he had with his truck outfitted with studded Nokian Retreads. I decided to give them a try on my truck and was astounded how good the traction was. They were much better than anything that I had run before to the point of being able to back u p icy driveways. All I want on my truck now are studded Nokian retreads.


Ronald E. Benson – Suburban Propane


A national building supply delivery company for a major retail chain recently called in to Pete’s Tire Barns to talk about his experience working with the Pete’s Tire Barns stores in Randolph, Providence, and Woburn. This company has over 45 pieces of equipment and has been doing business with Pete’s Tire Barns for 10 + years . When asked what he like best about working Pete’s Tire Barns, Nelson said “they never say no, no matter what it takes they take care of it for me” . When asked if he would recommend Pete’s Tire Barns to a colleague, Nelson advised he does this now on a regular basis even telling colleagues to drive past other retailers to go to a Pete’s Tire Barns location. When asked why he chose Pete’s Tire Barns for his commercial fleet, Nelson said “they work with me”.


Nelson, National building supply delivery company for a major retail chain


Hi Jeremy, I just wanted to formally say “thanks again” for the great repair service that you and your staff provided to me today. I was planning on taking my jeep back to Brattleboro this evening and finding the flat tire was the last thing I needed. You and your staff got me back on the road in no time at all. In this crazy economy the competition is fierce! The only thing we have to sell over the other guy is our own ‘personal brand of customer service’, You can’t just talk it – you have to live and breath it and genuinely hand it out to every customer you come in contact with. You succeeded. Congratulations.


Dave Norris, Installed Sales Manager rkMILES Building Materials Supplier


Peter, Boyle Transportation joined the SmartWay Partnership in an effort to conserve energy. We had an opportunity to present one of our newest tractors at an industry conference in Phoenix, AZ earlier this month. In order to display the SmartWay logo, the truck must have SmartWay registered tires.

I contacted Peter Ioannilli at Pete’s, Woburn, MA, on Thursday, 2/11/10, to purchase qualified energy conservative tires. With a short window of opportunity to locate, install and get the truck to Arizona. Peter delivered two Michelin XZA-3 on Friday, 2/12/10, and then located eight Bridgestone M720 drive tires at Pete’s, Franklin, CT. Peter did not want to rely on the inter-company shuttle, due to the critical timing. He made an early morning trip to Connecticut and delivered the tires to Boyle at 7:10 AM, Saturday, 2/13/10, which allowed time to install and prep the truck, which arrived on time, in Phoenix on Tuesday, 2/16/2010, for the presentation.

Boyle Transportation appreciates the entire Pete’s Tire Barns operation, with special note to Peter Ioannilli and Bill Delay of the Woburn location, who have constantly provided conscientious, dedicated service. This is an example of the priority to customer needs that sets Pete’s Tire Barns apart from other suppliers.


Ben Curtis – Boyle Transportation


I drive an oil tanker for a local fuel oil dealer. Today 10/7/09 I was in the Pete’s Tire Barn shop in Danbury for a slow leak in one of my rear tires. On closer inspection the valve stem was leaking at the wheel, which your employee Nelson, corrected. When he attempted to remount the tire he noticed that the bead was starting to separate from the carcass of the sidewall. We looked at the other duel tire it had 3 separations! We haul fuel oil, and if I had had a blow out on the highway it would have been real bad. Your employee did his job and did it well. I cannot thank him or your company enough. I’m so glad we use your shop in Danbury, CT. Thanks again!


Timothy C.


Good Evening, I would like to relate my experience purchasing Cooper Tires. I researched many brands & prices of tires, but finally purchased 4- 205/65/HR15 CS4 Touring Tires from Pete’s Tire Barn in Randolph, MA. I dealt with Hank, the manager who was very friendly & helpful. He did not have them in stock, but we made an appointment for installation in 2 days. Just as planned, the tires were there and immediately installed. I have a 2005 Toyota Camry that gives a very smooth ride. I could not believe how much smoother & quieter the car is now with the new tires. Needless to say, I am a happy consumer, and would recommend Pete’s Tire Barn to anyone who asks about tires.


Martin S


Pete, I felt a need to send you a note of thanks. I have been a dedicated customer for about 14 years. After meeting Hank and the crew I was so pleased with the way I was treated back then I not only became dedicated but have introduced many who have also become dedicated. Hank and the crew have bailed me out of many tough times…..like the time I blew a front tire on the southeast expressway in the middle of rush hour. Or the time I blew a trailer tire out on Rte. 2 in Templeton and Hank directed me to a Pete’s one exit up and they had a tire waiting for me when I got there….with a smile and a handshake because Hank had called. And the year I blew out 5 discs in my lower back and was laid up for 4 months and Hank found me a tire sale so I could afford to keep on running when I got back on my feet. More recently, Hank and his crew were concerned when I didn’t get the life expectancy I should have on my steer tires. Through their inspections of my old tires the next day Hank called me, as a friend would, and asked me to stop by with my Kenworth. The crew proceeded to jack-up the front end and found my King-pins to be in need of repair. Hank and the guys saved me a lot of money and future problems by not only caring about selling tires but caring about a friend. We have never had the pleasure of meeting but I feel I know you and what type of person you are to have the knowledge to hire such an awesome family of people to take such good care of us struggling truckers. Please let Hank and his crew in Randolph know how thankful I am to have found such good friends and give yourself a pat on the back for hiring such dedicated people.


Fred P.

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