Rim Guard Tire Ballast

Rim Guard Tire BallastHigh quality Rim Guard Tire Ballast from Pete’s Tire Barns. For a very long time, farmers have been using ballast to improve their tractors pulling power, balance and stability.  Ballast options include both weights and using liquid ballast in tires.  While there are many different types of liquid ballast most of them suffer from limitations. Rim Guard Tire ballast overcomes the limitations of conventional liquid ballast products.

Rim Guard Tire Ballast Advantages

  • Rim Guard is non-corrosive and will not damage your wheels, tubes and valves
  • Rim Guard is non-toxic and biodegradable – it will not damage your field or crops
  • Rim Guard is heavier than water – almost 30% heavier than water weighing in at 10.7 to 11 lbs per gallon
  • Rim Guard is less expensive then iron weights
  • Rim Guard is resistant to freezing and is rated down to -35°F
  • Rim Guard is the only Beet Juice based tire ballast

Use Rim guard in both tires with tubes or tubeless tires on tractors, loaders, skid steers and more.

Contact any of our twenty two convenient tire sales and service locations today to find out how Rim Guard tire ballast can help you solve your tire ballast problems.

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