Continental Truck Tires

Continental Truck TiresContinental Truck Tires at Pete’s Tire Barns. Continental Tire is one of the worlds largest producers of tires for trucks, buses and industrial equipment in the world. With over twenty manufacturing and research and development facilities spread throughout the world, Continental Tire is known for producing high quality, long lasting tires.  Continental builds tires for commercial trucks, trailers, buses and more. With tires to fit all wheel positions including steer, drive and trailer. Continental builds tires for regional hauling, long haul, urban environments as well as on and off-road applications.  There are around 11.6 million miles of major roads worldwide and Continental has the right tire for every one of them

Call any of our 22 locations to speak with one of our highly trained fleet service consultants. Or call us at 978-544-8811 or request more information through our convenient online form.

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