Tire and Wheel Installation

Tire and Wheel InstallationTire and wheel installation at Pete’s Tires Barns. All new passenger and light truck tire purchases* include new rubber valve stems or TPMS reset, old tire disposal, manufacturers mileage warranty, computer spin balance, mounting. This is one of the many things that make Pete’s Tire Barns different then our competitors. Our prices are fair and upfront with no hidden fees.

Pete’s Tire Barns will install and balance your new tires or wheels using the latest in tire changing equipment. Our TIA trained tire technicians are taught to protect your tire and wheel investment during the entire mounting process while providing a quick, safe and complete installation.

*Does not apply to wholesale/discount tire purchases

The Tire and Wheel Installation Process

  1. Your vehicle is safely lifted up and the lug nuts are removed
  2. Your tire and wheel are removed from the vehicle
  3. Your old tire has all of the air inside of it released
  4. Your old tire is removed from your wheel and properly disposed of or if you request put in a plastic bag and placed in your vehicle
  5. The wheel is checked and cleaned if needed
  6. The new tire is installed on your wheel and set to the proper inflation pressure.
  7. The wheel mounting surface is properly cleaned and your wheel is installed back on your vehicle
  8. The lug nuts are reinstalled and tightened.
  9. The vehicle is safely lowered and your lug nuts are torqued to the manufacturers recommended setting.

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