TIA – Tire Industry Association

Lawn Tractor TiresTIA – Tire Industry Association

  • What is the TIA?
    • The TIA or the Tire Industry Association is an international non-profit organization that represents all aspects of the tire industry. This includes tire manufacturing, repair, recycling, sales and tire service. The TIA covers both new and retreaded tires, as well as those organizations that that provide equipment, raw materials and services to the tire industry. The TIA has over 8000 members in fifty states and around the world.
  • What mission does the TIA serve?
    • The TIA has a mission to promote tire safety through training and education and to act a advocate for government affairs while promoting a positive image of the tire industry.
  • What training does the TIA provide?
    • The TIA offers multiple levels of tire service training and certification. These include automotive tire service, commercial tire service, farm tire service, OTR tire service and more.
  • Why is TIA training important?
    • TIA certification ensures that the technician installing your tires has been trained and tested in processes and procedures for the safe servicing of tires. Each level certification gives the technician additional knowledge to allow them to work in a safe, efficient and reliable manner.

Pete’s Tire Barns technicians partake in TIA training on a regular basis and once they have earned their certification, they continue to train and re-certify on a set schedule. We employ a dedicated TIA certified instructor to provide rigorous training and testing, thus helping to ensure proper tire service.


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