Tire Flatproofing

Tire FlatproofingTire Flatproofing at Pete’s Tire Barns. Even in the most hazardous operating environments, you can prevent flats. With Arnco flatproofing technology, your tires will roll right over scrap metal, nails, rocks… you name it. Pumped into the tire through its valve stem, Arnco’s patented*, liquid polyurethane flatproofing polymer replaces all of the air and cures to a resilient, synthetic rubber core in 24 hours. It completely eliminates flats. Pete’s Tire Barns offers Arnco’s premium flatproofing.




  • Eliminates 100% of flat tires – guaranteed!
  • “Air-like” ride.
  • No more flat tire downtime expense.
  • Constant tire pressure for life of tire.
  • Extra ballast – improved stability & traction.
  • Super shock absorber.
  • Eliminate blowout hazards.
  • Broader footprint – improved floatation.
  • Enhanced tire performance.
  • Longer tread wear.
  • Bobcat & Caterpillar approved!
  • Flat tire downtime is expensive!

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