BKT Farm and Agriculture Tires

BKT Farm and Agriculture TiresBKT farm and agriculture tires from Pete’s Tire Barns. BKT Tire is a leading supplier of off-highway tires for all sizes and types of applications. BKT Tire makes a full line of radial and bias ply tires for a variety of farm and agricultural equipment. They are a leading supplier of tires for all sizes and types of tractors, implements, spreaders and wagons.  Offering a full range of tread patterns, tread styles and ply ratings, BKT has tires to fit equipment from many of the most popular equipment manufacturers. They also offer many tire fitments for older farm equipment and antique tractors. BKT tractor tires are often used as the drive tires on all terrain vehicles and mud trucks.  BKT has tires designed to fit most any budget and offers a range of tire technologies including high flotation radial tires.  Please contact any of our twenty two convenient locations throughout New England or visit our online tire store for the pricing and availability of BKT farm, agricultural and tractor tires.

BKT offers Farm and Agriculture tires for the following types of equipment. Many are available in both radial and bias ply.

  • Tractor Tires
    • Front Tractor Tires
    • Rear Tractor Tires
  • Harvester Tires
  • Pivot Irrigator Tires
  • Flotation Tires
  • Implement Tires

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