Continental Car and Light Truck Tires

Continental Car and Light Truck TiresContinental Car and Light Truck Tires at Pete’s Tire Barns. We offer a competitive lineup of Continental tires to fit all types of cars, light trucks and sport utility vehicles. As one of the largest producers of tires in the world, Continental Tire has invested a tremendous amount of resources in researching and developing tire technology. This has allowed them to produce tires that perform well and last a long time. Continental tires are often found as the OE – original equipment tire on many of the most popular vehicles on the road today.

Continental Car and Light Truck Tires

Directional tread design provides agility, stability and traction in wet and dry.

All-season Performance & Touring: All-condition versatility….

UHP For high-performance four-wheel drive vehicles.

ContiCrossContact™ LX
The well-balanced tire for medium-weight to heavy 4×4 vehicles.

Vanco™ 8
Optimized fuel economy and extended tread life.

VancoContact™ 2
Developed especially for vehicles with a high balance point and for transporting heavy loads. VancoFourSeason All-season comfort and durability.

Wide, deep tread grooves and a solid center rib provide smooth, stable handling and increased tread life..

ContiTrac™ TR
Engineered to deliver precise steering, enhanced stability and traction for both on and off-road use..

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