Yard Check

Yard CheckPete’s Tire Barns Yard Check Service makes quality, consistent tire inspections a convenient part of your maintenance program to help ensure operational readiness and keep vehicles rolling.

With Yard Check, you can:

  • Get customized, consolidated reports on critical tire areas to help you spot trends that will improve your tire management program.
  • Avoid costs on breakdowns and emergency services.
  • Improve vehicle safety.
  • Increase driver satisfaction with better-maintained trucks.
  • Get convenient single-source billing.
  • Get consistent, predictable coverage.
  • Ensure a more profitable present and future.

Yard Check is a complete inspection of tread depth, air pressure and dual mating on tractor or trailer axle ends, and other critical tire issues. It’s quality service that reduces unscheduled downtime and gives your fleet a competitive advantage. There’s no other program like this in the industry, and only Bandag dealers offer it.

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