What is Retreading

Retreading is the process whereby selected and inspected worn tires receive a new tread.

  • Pete’s Tire Barns thoroughly inspects tires before retreading, tires that are cut, bruised, punctured, or have damage to the body are repaired before retreaded.
  • A tire or “casing” is then, buffed removing the old worn tread. Once the tire is properly buffed it is inspected to ensure it is ready to move to the next process.
  • The casing is layered with an adhesive that will be used to bond the new tread to the casing. While this is going on the new tread is measured to ensure proper application to the casing.
  • Once the new tread pattern is measured, one of Pete’s Tire Barn highly trained technicians will apply the new tread pattern by hand to ensure that it is centered and properly applied to the casing.
  • Once the tread as been applied the tire needs to cure. The tire is encased in a flexible rubber envelope and place in a pressure chamber to prevent distortion.

Why retread?

  • Retreading saves money, the trucking industry saves over $3 billion each year in tire expenses. A retreaded tire cost less than a brand new tire, usually by 30 and 50 percent.
  • Most of the manufacturing cost of a new tire is in the tire body or casing. The tread represents only a percentage of the new tire cost. Tire casings are built to be used with multiple threads over the life of the casing.

Retreading is Green!

  • Retreading uses a fraction of the oil that is required to make a brand new tire. A retreaded tire only uses 7 gallons of oil for a medium truck tire while a brand new medium truck tire requires 22 gallons of oil.
  • Instead of an old tire taking up space in a landfill, the retreaded tire is put back on the road.

Safety First

The President of the United States signed an Executive Order in April 2000 requiring agencies to replace the original tires on their vehicles with retreaded tires wherever practical. All commercial airlines and military jet aircraft use retreaded tires.

Professional retreads adhere to stringent industry recommended practices at every step of the retreading process. Pete’s Tire Barns is a Bandag retreading company with three retreading facilities; one in Orange, MA another located in Rutland, VT and our newest Bandag Retread plant in South Windsor, Connecticut.


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