SmartWay Tires – Verified Low Rolling Resistance Tires

SmartWay Tires are verified low rolling resistance tires. The EPA has determined that certain tire models can reduce your NOx emissions and fuel use by 3% or more, relative to the best selling new tires for line haul class 8 tractor trailers. These improvements are achieved under the following conditions:

  1. Smart Way Tires Tires are used on the proper axel positions at the link provided. SmartWay Technology Program
  2. Verified low rolling resistance tires are installed on all of the axle positions of the tractor and trailer.
  3. All tires must be properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Pete’s Tire Barns are proud to offer SmartWay tires from the following brands

  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Double Coin
  • Duraturn
  • Firestone
  • General
  • Michelin

The following low rolling resistance tires are SmartWay verified when used on class 8, line-haul trucks:

  • Bridgestone     Tire     Steer     R280, R287, R287A, R283A Ecopia, R268 Ecopia
  • Bridgestone     Tire     Drive     M720, Greatec M835 Ecopia, Greatec, M710 Ecopia, S803Z, S718WZ, S718YZ, R268 Ecopia, M760 Ecopia
  • Bridgestone     Tire     Trailer     Greatec R135 Ecopia, R195, R197 Ecopia, S197
  • Bridgestone/Bandag     Retread: Precure Tread     Drive     FuelTech Drive, B710 FuelTech, B760, B835 FuelTech, UAP2 Fuel Tech
  • Bridgestone/Bandag     Retread: Precure Tread     Trailer     FuelTech-Trailer, B197 FuelTech, B135 Fuel Tech, BTR-UWB, FCR-Trailer
  • Continental     Tire     Steer     HSL1 Coach, HSL2 (replaces HSL), HSL2 ECO Plus, HSR, HSL2+ Eco Plus, HSR1, HSR1 ECO Plus, HSR2, HSR2 ECO Plus, HSR2 SA, Conti EcoPlus HS3, Continental Coach HA3, size 315/80R22.5 only, CrossTrac HA3, Hybrid HS3
  • Continental     Tire     Drive     HSL1 Coach, HDL ECO Plus, HDL2 ECO Plus, HDL2 DL ECO Plus, HDR, HDR1 ECO Plus, HSR, HSR1, HSR1 ECO Plus, HSR2, HSR2 ECO Plus, HSR2 SA, Eco Plus HD3, Hybrid HD 3, HDR2 Eco Plus, HDL2
  • Continental     Tire     Trailer     HTL ECO Plus, HTL1, Conti EcoPlus HT3
  • Dayton     Tire     Steer     D510S, D515S
  • Dayton     Tire     Drive     D610D
  • Dayton     Tire     Trailer     D410T, D415T
  • Double Coin     Tire     Steer     FR605, RR680, RT600
  • Double Coin     Tire     Drive     FD405, FD425, RR680, RT600, RLB450
  • Double Coin     Tire     Trailer     FT105, FT125
  • Duraturn     Tire     Steer     DA20, DS28
  • Duraturn     Tire     Drive     DA20, DD10, DD13
  • Duraturn     Tire     Trailer     DT22
  • Firestone     Tire     Steer     FS507 PLUS, FS591
  • Firestone     Tire     Drive     FD695 PLUS, FD691
  • Firestone     Tire     Trailer     FT455 PLUS, FT491
  • General     Tire     Drive     D660, S371, S580, S581, HD
  • General     Tire     Trailer     ST250, HT
  • Michelin     Tire     Steer     X Coach XZ, XZA3, XZA3+, XZA2, XZA1+, XZA2 Energy, X Mutli Energy Z, X Line Energy Z, X Multi Z
  • Michelin     Tire     Drive     XDA Energy, XDA3, X-One XDA, X-One XDN2, X-One XDA Energy, X Multi Energy D, X Line Energy D, X-One Line Energy D, X Coach XZ, XZA3+, XZA 1+, XZA2 Energy, X Mutli Energy Z, X Line Energy Z, X Multi D, X Multi Z
  • Michelin     Tire     Trailer     XTA Energy, XT1, X-One XTA, X-ONE XTE, X Line Energy T, X-One Line Energy T, X-One Multi Energy T

Source: 4/24/17

EPA’s Disclaimer on Verified Technologies
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By inclusion on a Verified Technologies list or Contact List, EPA does not guarantee any performance or claims by the manufacturer.

The assigned reduction levels are only applicable when the technology is installed and used in accordance with the criteria described.

EPA verification is not an evaluation of a product’s safety or compliance with other regulatory requirements.

Manufacturers, installers, fleets and operators must comply with all applicable local, state and federal safety regulations.


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