Ready Rack – Tailgate Service

Ready Rack - Tailgate ServiceReady Rack – Tailgate Service from Pete’s Tire Barns. There are many reasons you might need a ready rack for your fleet. Whether your operation lacks the equipment to properly mount tires or you need the convenience of mounted spares ready to install, Pete’s Tire Barns ready rack service will meet those needs. Pete’s Tire Barns will stock your ready rack with properly mounted spares inflated to your required air pressure. When we mount your tire we will inspect your wheel to ensure it meets the industry standard to ensure safe reliable operation.

We inspect the wheels for cracks, proper lug hole condition, rim thickness and the bead seal area. The tires will be inspected and installed by Tire Industry Association (TIA) certified tire technicians with years of commercial tire experience. Pete’s Tire Barns is your source for complete tire ready rack services.

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