Carlisle Smooth Tires

Carlisle Smooth TiresCarlisle Smooth Tires at Pete’s Tire Barns. The smooth tire from Carlisle is one of the many lawn, turf and garden tires they sell. The Carlisle Smooth Tire is frequently used on the front caster wheels of zero turn lawn mower where the ability to turn on a dime without scalping turf is needed. The Carlisle Smooth Tire makes excellent contact with various work surfaces for easy-flowing traction and a smooth roll. Carlisle also offers the smooth tire is larger sizes to accommodate commercial golf course and grounds maintenance equipment.
Available Sizes of Carlisle Smooth Tires

  • 8×3.00-4
  • 9×3.50-4
  • 11×4.00-5
  • 11×6.00-5
  • 13×5.00-6
  • 13×6.50-6
  • 4.80-8
  • 18×9.50-8
  • 18×10.50-10 (2 Ply)
  • 18×10.50-10 (4 Ply)
  • 20×10.00-10
  • 24×13.00-12

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