Carlisle Radial Trail HD

Carlisle Radial Trail HDWith the introduction of the Radial Trail HD, Carlisle has completely redesigned the industry-leading Radial TrailRH trailer tire for:

  • Improved tread wear
  • Greater heat resistance
  • Increased durability

In real world testing, the Radial Trail HD showed a 10% improvement in tire life over the Radial TrailRH, giving you a longer lasting trailer tire.

Building the toughest trailer tire means we needed to engineer the inside to be as strong as the outside.  Every component in the Radial Trail HD was updated to outperform the competition. The Radial Trail HD was specially designed and optimized to reduce rolling resistance – extending tire life and increasing durability.

So, whether you use your trailer for work, play or sport, the Radial TrailHD tire is the toughest and safest radial trailer tire on the market giving you increased peace of mind and protection.

Carlisle Tire is a leading supplier of specialty tire for both original equipment and aftermarket applications. Carlisle has a long history of building high quality tires and wheels to fit a variety of equipment and terrains. Founded in Carlisle, PA they have been building tires since 1917 and is one of the world largest manufacturers of specialty tires and wheels. Pete’s Tire Barns is an authorized Carlisle retailer and we stock a large variety of specialty tires for all different types of equipment. With twenty two convenient locations throughout New England and shipping tires nationwide, Pete’s Tire Barns is sure to have the Carlisle trailer tire you are looking for.

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