Winter Tires

Pete’s Tire Barns has huge selection of winter snow tires for all types of climates and applications.
Benefits of Snow Tires:

Improved Traction
Enhanced Braking

Snow tires features a special tread design and rubber compound designed to move snow and slush out of the way resulting in better contact between the tires tread and the road. Some snow tires are “studs-able” and can be outfitted with small metal pins that provide even more traction in icy conditions. Make sure to check your local and state laws regarding tire studs as they are not legal in all areas and may have restrictions on when they can be used. Snow tires are not for everyone, if you live in area that rarely gets snow of any substance a good all season tire would be a better choice. A snow tire does not prevent tires slipping on ice. Snow tires work best when installed in sets of four, if you are only installing two snow tires on a front wheel drive vehicle they should be installed on the back of the vehicle. While this may sound ridiculous the Tire Industry Association (TIA) advises that if you install 2 snow tires on the front of a front wheel drive car and all season tires on the back, the back tires may slip causing a loss of vehicle control. The best solution for this is to install four snow tires on your vehicle.

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