Accuride Wheels

Accuride Wheels

Learn about the full lineup of Accuride Wheels available at Pete’s Tire Barns. With a full selection of wheels to fit many different kinds and brands of equipment, we are sure to have what you are looking for.

Medium / Heavy Forged Aluminum Truck Wheels

Accuride Corporation manufactures aluminum wheels in a variety of sizes and styles designed to be corrosion resistant, provide exceptional performance, and look great. Forged from a single piece of aluminum, Accuride aluminum wheels are engineered for long life, requiring low maintenance and lower operating costs than standard steel wheels. These wheels come in a choice of hand hole styling.

Light Weight Medium / Heavy Forged Aluminum Truck Wheels

Forged from a single piece of aluminum, Accuride aluminum wheels are engineered to be lightweight and provide exceptional performance. The lighter weight benefit allows for increased customer revenue from greater payloads and fuel savings. These wheels come in a variety of polish options to meet customer appearance requirements. Aluminum wheels provide enhanced performance advantages over standard steel wheels, including weight savings, low maintenance, lower operating cost.

DUPLEX® Aluminum Wide-base Wheel Products

Accuride Corporation is able to diversify its product line by offering a new DUPLEX Wide-base aluminum wheel. The new DUPLEX aluminum wheel was designed to save weight and add revenue to the end-user.

Special Design Medium / Heavy Forged Aluminum Truck Wheel

Accuride forged truck wheels are available with proprietary styled hand hole designs through many of the major heavy truck OEMs. Known as OEM proprietary wheels, Accuride can offer logo handhole aluminum wheels exclusively to any OEM. These wheels are also available to the aftermaket through many OEM Parts Distribution Centers.

ACCU-SHIELD™ Aluminum Wheels

ACCU-SHIELD aluminum wheels were designed and engineered to keep their bright, shiny appearance even under the rigorous conditions of the trucking industry. ACCU-SHIELD aluminum wheels clean quickly and easily with only mild soap and water or standard non-abrasive household cleaners saving time and money on polishing and maintenance.

Until now, the procedure for keeping conventional truck and trailer wheels free of dirt and corrosion involved hours of scouring and scrubbing to remove grime. Under these conditions, polished aluminum wheels can begin to corrode causing the wheels to appear dingy and gray. Accuride set out to develop the lowest maintenance aluminum wheel in the industry without sacrificing the appealing shiny appearance. The result is ACCU-SHIELD aluminum wheels, providing superior shine that is simple to care for and durable enough to perform beyond expectations.


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